About ICF-CY


The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health-Children & Youth Version (ICF-CY) is a classification developed under the auspices of the World Health Organization. It is a universal language for documenting health and disability in children and youth.

For an ICF Checklist that gives an abbreviated version of the whole ICF, go to http://www.who.int/classifications/icf/training/icfchecklist.pdf?ua=1

To view a draft of the training manual for use with the ICF, go to http://www.who.int/classifications/drafticfpracticalmanual2.pdf

A searchable version of the ICF-CY can be viewed online at http://apps.who.int/classifications/icfbrowser/

A web-based education tool to teach the ICF model and the classification terms has been developed at http://www.icf-research-branch.org/icf-training/icf-e-learning-tool

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